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Adult Science Fiction

The stories are written with adults in mind, and feature 'Gale' Harkness as Ship Captain and herione.

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As A Consequence


Humanity had been at war with Humanity for fifty years when a greater threat, in the form of the Shi-az-ee, came along.


The Shi-az-ee blamed Humanity for an atrocity that they did not commit, and embarked on a holy war, vowing to destroy them all.


Due to public pressure in both systems of humanity, the war between them came to an end, and the combined fleets turned their attention to the Shi-az-ee.


But hidden in an unlikely place, lurked the true enemy, waiting and watching, and seeking its revenge.

Print Versions also available from Lulu



Rear Admiral Gale Harkness’s ship, the Argos, under the command of Captain Bernice O’Reilly is despatched on a mission to discover the fate of two remote outposts of humanity that have gone silent.

To discover that both colonies have been totally obliterated, with the exception of one young girl, is a shock in itself, but when Gale and her crew are assaulted by hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes that seem to have no basis in nature, she has to ask whether an alien intelligence is involved.


The sudden appearance of a myth used by the Shi-az-ee to frighten their children, causes an almost fatal shock to humanity’s newest ally, leaving the humans as the only possible defence against a race that seems to be intent on exterminating all other intelligent lifeforms.

Narrowly escaping from an artificially produced Nova, the crew of the Argos discover a moon that shows the remnants of a nuclear explosion and some intact artificial structures. A landing party is sent, but is forced to abandon their ship and as a result become marooned. What they find provides answers to many of their questions, and who or what the Taldi’na are, is finally revealed.

Print Versions also available from Lulu

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