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Young Adult/Adult Fantasy

Fantasy, featuring Dragons, Swords, and Magic suitable for Young Adults and Adults.

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The Yellow Dragon


Erun Oncant, the ordinary son of ordinary parents, lived in Cardoney. That is, until chosen by a dying dragon to be the rider for her unhatched daughter.

As he took the sword from her dying body, it became instilled with magical powers, and all that remained of her flowed into it.

The egg hatched into the first ever yellow dragon, a colour never seen before and only talked about in legend, and with the help of Princess Lelia from the Kingdom of Vanticor, he cared for her, as she grew to full size. Her name, inherited from her mother, became Corella.


Tensions between surrounding Kingdoms had developed into all out war under the influence of a wizard of immense power. All feared that Cardoney would be next.

Erun and Corella forged an inseparable bond, and together, they set out to foil the evil machinations of the wizard and restore peace to the world.

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The Diamond Sword of Tor


Five hundred years ago, humans burst through a portal between realities bent on conquest. With the help of the Elves from this reality, they tried to eradicate the dragons. Things did not go well, and the invaders moved the Elves to safety between realities and withdrew. The power used to move the Elves backfired through the portal damaging the invaders' reality severely, and the dimensional key in the form of a Diamond sword was left behind.
But now after five centuries the sword hidden behind a disguise of steel, has found its way into the hands of Erun Oncant, Sovereign King of Cardoney.
A child at play caused the portal to allow a single team of humans through, and they need to recover the key to return home. When they don't find it in the castle they kidnap the Queen, to coerce Erun into returning it.
Unwilling to wait, Erun sets out on a rescue mission into the far south Antarctic in search of the fabled city of Tor, home of the legendary Elves. He befriends three dragon riders and one huge axe man called Cargan, and they face the dangerous journey together.
The sword means nothing to Erun, so he would willingly trade it for his beloved wife. That is if the sword is willing to be given up.

Print Versions also available from Lulu



Cardoney is an omnibus edition of the two books above.

Print Versions also available from Lulu

Print Versions also available from Lulu

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