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Young Adult Science Fiction.

Science Fiction written in a lighter vein suitable for Young Adults and Adults.

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The Lost Starship


Enjoy this light-hearted, tongue in cheek Science Fiction story, for Young Adults and Adults.


Two hundred years had passed since the disappearance of Daisy Weal, and the flagship of the Star Fleet, HMSS ‘The Daisy Weal’, named in memory of her, was heading towards the desolate planet of Cren to deliver an archaeological and survey team.

When passing through a binary system, an accident happened, and a beam of energy from an unknown source penetrated the ship killing all passengers and crew instantly.

The ship’s semi-sentient bio-processor took evasive action, and escaping on emergency thrust, it inadvertently twisted space and performed an unintended, and previously thought impossible, hyper jump.

As a result, it ended up completely lost, but finds that it has been programmed with an overpowering urge to find a way home.

This is the story of that journey home and of the many civilisations that were encountered, of changes that were made, of friends that were met, and of the life that it was given.

Print Versions also available from Lulu

The Star Queen


The passenger liner the Star Queen, suffered mysterious damage to its jump engines and emerged from hyperspace, close to the sun, at half-light speed on a collision course with Earth. Distress signals were sent out as the ship scorched into the Earth’s atmosphere to explode devastatingly just before impact.


600 years later, and 600 light years away, the distress call is intercepted by a warship of Her Majesty’s Star Fleet. The distress call is a radio signal, presumably because of an FTL coms failure, and it is soon realised that its origin is the start of the twentieth century, before space travel was invented.

Print Versions also available from Lulu



The title story is a science fiction short based on the work of two well known authors, but those that follow it, may stretch your imagination by taking you into all that is weird and wonderful.

A ghost in love, a fortune from a Leprechaun, an evil twin, a time traveller, a door to Narnia, the revenge of a witch, and a visit from some aliens are just a few of the things that, hopefully will make you laugh, cry or be terrified.

Our hero moves into a new house, and it’s haunted, His sister is a holy terror on legs and impossible to control. He takes the blame for all her misdeeds. Then he meets the ghost. Both are immediately attracted to each other. But that is the least of their problems.

One twin is an astronaut, one a murderous criminal. The second has always coveted his brother’s success, but his criminal past betrays him. So he schemes in an effort to take his brother’s place.


Just two of the twenty nine stories, set in the past, present and future that are waiting inside.


Print Versions also available from Lulu

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